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Intercomparison of Extrapolation Chamber Measurements of the Absorbed Dose Rate in Tissue for Beta Radiation



R Behrens, K Helmstadter, P Ambrosi, J M. Bordy, C Lecante, M Bovi, I Jokelainen, Christopher G. Soares, P R B Saull, A Kharitonov, S Fedina, T Kurosawa, M Kato


The first EUROMET comparison for the standards for absorbed dose rate in 0.07 mm tissue depth for beta radiation of eight national metrology institutes has been completed. The participants were LNE-LNHB (FR), ENEA (IT), STUK (FI), PTB (DE), and four institutes from outside EUROMET: VNIIM (RU), NIST (US), NRC (CA), and NIMJ (JP). The comparison is therefore of worldwide relevance.As transfer instrument, a flat ionization chamber was used. Together with this chamber, a complete electronic measurement system was circulated. The calibration factors of the transfer instrument obtained by each participant were compared. Calibrations were preformed using beta reference radiation fields of the nuclides Pm-147, Kr-85, TI-204, and Sr-90/Y-90.The results of all participants are roughly consistent within the scope of the assigned uncertainties. Only for Pm-147 beta radiation, the calibration factor is in one case up to 13% higher than the reference value. In the meantime, the participant has indicated a physical reason for this.


absorbed dose, absorbed dose rate, beta particle dosimetry, beta radiation, intercomparison, key comparison


Behrens, R. , Helmstadter, K. , Ambrosi, P. , Bordy, J. , Lecante, C. , Bovi, M. , Jokelainen, I. , Soares, C. , Saull, P. , Kharitonov, A. , Fedina, S. , Kurosawa, T. and Kato, M. (2021), Intercomparison of Extrapolation Chamber Measurements of the Absorbed Dose Rate in Tissue for Beta Radiation, Metrologia (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021