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Interactive Process Planning in the AMRF



Peter Brown, Charles R. McLean


In designing a process planning system for the AMRF, the primary issue was not whether the system process, from specification through production, and retaining the information generated for later analysis or reuse. The objective of CIM is to improve the acquisition and dissemination of manufacturing would employ variant or generative techniques. The most important concern was to identify the fundamental architectural concepts that would best support process planning in a small batch manufacturing facility where all production operations are under direct computer control. Important research questions deal with the functional relationships and the data interfaces between manufacturing control and planning systems: 1) How should planned tasks be specified to controllers? 2) How should alternatives be described? and 3) What formats should be used to pass data between the planning system and the controllers? The AMRF project involves developing a testbed for factory automation research to define and test the system interfaces between modules like process planning, geometric modeling, manufacturing control, data administration, network communications, and other factory subsystems. Within the AMRF, process planning is designed to be one of the primary programming tools of the factory. This paper describes the efforts of the AMRF process planning project to define robust interfaces to support both the future development of interactive process engineering tools and automated intelligent process planning systems.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the Symposium on Knowledge-Based Expert Systems for Manufacturing at ASME Winter Annual Meeting
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AMRF, manufacturing, process planning, system process


Brown, P. and McLean, C. (1986), Interactive Process Planning in the AMRF, Proceedings of the Symposium on Knowledge-Based Expert Systems for Manufacturing at ASME Winter Annual Meeting, , USA, [online], (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created September 30, 1986, Updated October 12, 2021