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Integrative and comparative reproductive biology: From alligators to xenobiotics



Ashley S. Boggs-Russell, John Bowden, Abby G. Wenzel, Satomi Kohno, Heather J. Hamlin, Lori Cruze, Krista A. McCoy, Alison M. Roark, Thea M. Edwards, Theresa M. Cantu, Jessica A. Cloy-McCoy, Nicole A. McNabb, Cameron E. Williams


Dr. Louis J. Guillette Jr. thought of himself as a reproductive biologist. However, his interest in reproductive biology transcended organ systems, life history stages, species, and environmental contexts. His integrative and collaborative nature led to diverse and fascinating research projects conducted all over the world. He doesn’t leave us with a single legacy. Instead, he entrusts us with several. The purpose of this review is to highlight those legacies, in both breadth and diversity, and to illustrate Dr. Guillette’s grand contributions to the field of reproductive biology. He has challenged the field to reconsider how we think about our data, championed development of novel and innovative techniques to measure endocrine function, helped define the field of endocrine disruption, and lead projects to characterize new endocrine disrupting chemicals. He significantly influenced our understanding of evolution, and took bold and important steps to translate all that he has learned into advances in human reproductive health. We hope that after reading this manuscript our audience will appreciate and continue Dr. Guillette’s practice of open-minded and passionate collaboration to understand the basic mechanisms driving reproductive physiology and to ultimately apply those findings to protect and improve wildlife and human health.
General and Comparative Endocrinology


Louis J. Guillette Jr., Endocrine disrupting chemicals, Variation, Reproductive biology, Evolution of placenta, Temperature-dependent sex determination


Boggs-Russell, A. , Bowden, J. , Wenzel, A. , Kohno, S. , Hamlin, H. , Cruze, L. , McCoy, K. , Roark, A. , Edwards, T. , Cantu, T. , Cloy-McCoy, J. , McNabb, N. and Williams, C. (2016), Integrative and comparative reproductive biology: From alligators to xenobiotics, General and Comparative Endocrinology, [online], (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created November 1, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018