Integration of CodeSynthesis and QIF

Published: May 30, 2016


John L. Michaloski


This paper describes using CodeSynthesis "XSD" tool and Xerces C++ XML tools in basic Quality Information Framework (QIF) applications. The targeted platforms are Ubuntu and Linux as well as Microsoft Windows. The emphasis of the document is on the deployment of CodeSynthesis XSD tool to generate C++ code that in turn is used to handle various Quality Information Framework (QIF) XML applications. Using the QIF Schema, the method to use the CodeSynthesis XSD tool to generate C++ classes representing the given QIF will be shown. The use of the CodeSynthesis C++ generated code to read QIF XML file and produce QIF XML file from native C++ representations will be given. This QIF C++ code is available on the usnistgov github web site found at
Citation: usnistgov github
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metrology, quality, xml, QIF, C++, serialization
Created May 30, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017