Integrating Dynamic Simulator and Advanced Process Control using the OPC-UA Standard

Published: June 14, 2019


Hasan Latif, Guodong Shao, Binil Starly


Insufficient interoperability has long been an issue on the factory floor, however, new technologies and standards are enabling production systems to become more agile and interoperable. A communication standard can, for example, make interoperation among different vendor-specific software and hardware tools in production systems easier and more reliable. In this paper, we share our research results and experience for the establishment of a connection between a dynamic simulator and an advanced process controller in a manufacturing system using OPC-UA (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control Unified Architecture). The OPC-UA communication protocol, a middleware, acts as a common interface between these systems. We established the client and server for communication and defined an exchange data structure based on the OPC-UA standard for a control problem in a chemical process plant. The case study is a proof of concept of the OPC-UA standard implementation to support interoperability for different domains.
Proceedings Title: The 47th NAMRI/SME North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC 47)
Conference Dates: June 10-14, 2019
Conference Location: Erie, PA
Pub Type: Conferences


OPC-UA, Advanced Process Control, Integration, Automation, Simulation
Created June 14, 2019, Updated June 17, 2019