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An Integrated Data Model for Quality Information Exchange in Manufacturing Systems



William G. Rippey, Yaoyao F. Zhao, Thomas R. Kramer, John A. Horst, Frederick M. Proctor


Quality measurement is an integrated part of modern manufacturing systems. As the manufacturing industry has entered a digital and virtual era, information technology has become increasingly important for both machining and measurement systems. Effective information sharing and exchange among computer systems throughout a product's life cycle has been a critical issue. The quality measurement industry and standards organizations have developed several successful standard data models to enable standardized data. However, these standards have very restricted focus. From late 2010, the Quality Information Framework (QIF) project was initiated by the Dimensional Metrology Standard Consortium (DMSC) with the support of major North American quality measurement industries. This project aims to develop an integrated XML data model for the entire quality measurement chain. It consists of five top level schemas and a QIF library with nine supporting schemas. This paper introduces the scope and data model design of QIF. A pilot test project of using recently completed QMResults schema for the exchange of inspection result data is also presented.
Proceedings Title
Matador 2012 Conference
Conference Dates
July 25-27, 2012
Conference Location
Manchester, -1


Quality Information Framework (QIF), manufacturing quality systems, information modeling, data model, XML schema, measurement features, characteristics, ASME Y14.5
Created July 27, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017