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An Integrated Approach to Optimal Three Dimensional Layout and Routing



Simon Szykman, J Cagan, P Weisser


This paper describes the combination of previously-developed component placement and routing algorithms into an integrated computational approach to product layout optimization. Previous work introduced simulated annealing-based algorithms for optimal component packing (Szykman and Cagan, 1995), con strained layout (Szykman and Cagan, 1997), and routing (Szyk man and Cagan, 1996). These problems exhibit ill-behaved (multi-modal and discontinuous) objective function spaces, which were optimized with a simulated annealing-based algo rithm (Kirkpatrick et al., 1983). The utility of these algorithms has been demonstrated on a variety of problems, including the layout of electronic switching systems (Szykman, 1995), a cordless power drill (Szykman and Cagan, 1997) and components for a wearable computer (Camp bell et al., 1995), as well as routing of a chemical production plant (Szykman and Cagan, 1996). The broad spectrum of prod uct layout tasks in engineering includes other applications such as layout of HVAC equipment, automobile engine compart ments, mechanical and electromechanical assemblies, and aero space applications.
Journal of Mechanical Design-Transactions of the ASME
Vol. 120, No. 3


dimensional layout, integrated approach, optimal


Szykman, S. , Cagan, J. and Weisser, P. (1998), An Integrated Approach to Optimal Three Dimensional Layout and Routing, Journal of Mechanical Design-Transactions of the ASME, [online], (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created January 1, 1998, Updated February 19, 2017