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Innovation in Telehealth and a Role for the Government



R N. Spivack


America's healthcare system is regarded as among the world's best. The application of new technologies to medical care has enabled significant progress. However, the wider adoption of telehealth technologies promises even greater access and higher quality care, with reduced costs. Telehealth applications have been proven effective in extending medicine's reach to remote Alaskan villages, disaster assistance teams, and ships at sea. As global demand for healthcare increases, adoption of telehealth systems and technologies can be a powerful tool to assure high quality medical care for all peoples, regardless of their location.
Future of Health Technology


ATP, healthcare, healthcare IT technologies, homeland security, NIST, telehealth, telemedicine


Spivack, R. (2008), Innovation in Telehealth and a Role for the Government, Future of Health Technology (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008