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Infrared Laboratory Oscillator Strengths of Fe I in the H-Band



Matthew Ruffoni, J C. Pickering, C. Allende Prieto, Gillian Nave


We report experimental oscillator strengths for 28 infrared Fe I transitions, for which no previous experimental values exist. These transitions were selected to address an urgent need for oscillator strengths of lines in the H-band (between 1.4 μm and 1.7 μm) required for the analysis of spectra obtained from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III) Apache Point Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE). Upper limits have been placed on the oscillator strengths of an additional 7 transitions, predicted to be significant by published semi-empirical calculations, but not observed to be so.
Astrophysical Journal


atomic data — line, profiles — methods, laboratory — techniques, spectroscopic


Ruffoni, M. , Pickering, J. , Allende Prieto, C. and Nave, G. (2013), Infrared Laboratory Oscillator Strengths of Fe I in the H-Band, Astrophysical Journal, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created November 19, 2013, Updated July 3, 2023