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Influence of Inorganic Layer Thickness on Methylammonium Dynamics in Hybrid Perovskite Derivatives



Alexandra Koegel, Iain Oswald, Chuy Rivera, Samantha L. Miller, M. Fallon, Timothy R. Prisk, Craig Brown, James Neilson


The layered Ruddlesden-Popper derivatives of CH3NH3PbI3 have recently emerged as high-performing materials for photovoltaics with improved stability. The inclusion of organic molecules within the inorganic framework provides additional dynamic degrees of freedom which influence the optoelectronic properties. The rotational dynamics of CH3NH3+ influence dielectric behavior and electronic excited state dynamics in CH3NH3PbI3; however, the influence of cation dynamics on properties in the layered derivatives has not yet been determined. We employ quasi-elastic neutron scattering to study the rotational dynamics of methylammonium (CH3NH3_, MA) and deuterated n-butylammonium (CD3(CD2)3NH3_, d-nBA) in (d−nBA)2(MA)n−1PbnI3n+1 (n = 2, 3). (d−nBA)2(MA)2Pb3I10 exhibits shorter residence times of the CH3NH3+ and CD3(CD2)3NH3+ reorientational motions, which is attributed to the larger volumes that the cations occupy in the inorganic framework and to the dimensionality of the inorganic layer by way of dielectric screening between the organic cations. Discontinuities in the mean-squared displacement of overall hydrogen motion determined by fixed-window elastic neutron scattering are consistent with phase transitions observed by differential scanning calorimetry and time-resolved microwave conductivity signals. Determining how the dimensionality of the inorganic layer influences the organic cation rotational dynamics provides fundamental chemical insight into how the electronic dynamics vary between n-members.
Chemistry of Materials


hybrid perovskite, rotational dynamics, 2D


Koegel, A. , Oswald, I. , Rivera, C. , Miller, S. , Fallon, M. , Prisk, T. , Brown, C. and Neilson, J. (2022), Influence of Inorganic Layer Thickness on Methylammonium Dynamics in Hybrid Perovskite Derivatives, Chemistry of Materials, [online], (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created September 27, 2022, Updated January 23, 2024