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Influence of H2S on the pitting corrosion of 316L stainless steel



James Hesketh, E.J.F. Dickinson, May Martin, G. Hinds, Alan Turnbull


Coupon immersion tests were performed on 316L stainless steel in a simulated oilfield environment to evaluate the effect of H2S partial pressure on pit depth and density. Pitting was most significant at intermediate partial pressures of H2S, for which free H2S in the pit solution is maximised. Inhibition of pitting at higher partial pressures is attributed to blocking of the pit surface by solid sulphide phases. The key role of pH in the pit solution is to determine the solubility of metal sulphides and the availability of free H2S to adsorb on the reacting pit surface and sustain activity.
Corrosion Science


Stainless steel, SEM, TEM, pitting corrosion


Hesketh, J. , Dickinson, E. , Martin, M. , Hinds, G. and Turnbull, A. (2021), Influence of H2S on the pitting corrosion of 316L stainless steel, Corrosion Science, [online],, (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created January 17, 2021, Updated October 12, 2021