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Independent Amplitude Control of Arbitrary Orthogonal States of Polarization via Dielectric Metasurfaces



Qingbin Fan, Mingze Liu, Cheng Zhang, Wenqi Zhu, Yilin Wang, Peicheng Lin, Feng Yan, Lu Chen, Henri Lezec, Yanqing Lu, Amit Agrawal, Ting Xu


Exquisite polarization control using optical metasurfaces has attracted considerable attention thanks to their ability to manipulate multichannel independent wavefronts with subwavelength resolution. Here we present a new class of metasurface polarization optics, which enables imposition of two arbitrary and independent amplitude profiles on any pair of orthogonal states of polarization. The implementation method involves a polarization-dependent interference mechanism achieved by constructing a metasurface composed of an array of nanoscale birefringent waveplates. Based on this principle, we experimentally demonstrate chiral grayscale metasurface and chiral shadow rendering of structured light. These results illustrate a general approach interlinking amplitude profiles and orthogonal states of polarization, and expands the scope of metasurface polarization shaping optics.
Physical Review Letters


Fan, Q. , Liu, M. , Zhang, C. , Zhu, W. , Wang, Y. , Lin, P. , Yan, F. , Chen, L. , Lezec, H. , Lu, Y. , Agrawal, A. and Xu, T. (2020), Independent Amplitude Control of Arbitrary Orthogonal States of Polarization via Dielectric Metasurfaces, Physical Review Letters, [online],, (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created December 22, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021