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Improvements in the Measurement of Distillation Curves. Part 4. Application to the Aviation Turbine Fuel JP-A



Thomas J. Bruno, Beverly L. Smith


We have recently introduced several important improvements in the measurement of distillation curves distillation curves for complex fluids. The modifications to the classical measurement provide for (1) temperature and volume measurements of low uncertainty, (2) temperature control based upon fluid behavior, and most important, (3) a composition-explicit data channel in addition to the usual temperature-volume relationship. This latter modification is achieved with a new sampling approach that allows precise qualitative as well as quantitative analyses of each fraction, on the fly. We have applied the new method to the measurement of rocket propellant, gasoline and jet fuels. In this paper we present the application of the technique to the important military aviation fuel JP-8. This fluid is currently the primary gas turbine fuel used by the United States Air Force and also naval shore based aircraft. There is now interest in the United States Department of Defense to use this fuel for all military applications, including ground based forces. This would mean use of JP-8 in tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles. This interest has renewed interest in the chemical and physical properties of JP-8, to facilitate adaptation and design. Since one of the most important design parameters for a fuel is the distillation curve, it is critical that the new approach be to applied to this fluid.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research


aviation fuel, boiling curve, complex fluids, distillation curve, gas turbines, hydrocarbons, JP-8


Bruno, T. and Smith, B. (2007), Improvements in the Measurement of Distillation Curves. Part 4. Application to the Aviation Turbine Fuel JP-A, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, [online], (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created January 3, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017