Improvement Strategies for Manufacturers using the MESA MOM Capability Maturity Model

Published: September 03, 2017


Quanri Li, Michael P. Brundage, Boonserm Kulvatunyou


Recently, the concept of smart manufacturing has emerged as a new paradigm, with which manufacturers can pursue their competitiveness in the market. Such a paradigm can be viewed as the convergence of Information & Communication Technologies with human and manufacturing technologies. It is expected to bring a new wave of performance improvements to manufacturing industries. However, manufacturing enterprises need to be prepared to adopt and realize the full benefits from these technologies. MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Systems Association) created the Manufacturing Operations Management/Capability Maturity Model (MOM/CMM) to help evaluate the maturity and readiness of manufacturing enterprises from the factory operation perspective. However, the model, in its raw form, can be time and resource consuming with 832 questions. It also lacks improvement strategies based on the results. The objective of this work is to restructure the questionnaire to reduce completion time and to outline strategies through which a manufacturing enterprise can derive its improvement plans.
Proceedings Title: International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems
Conference Dates: September 3-7, 2017
Conference Location: Hamburg, -1
Conference Title: International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, the path to intelligent, collaborative, and sustainable manufacturing
Pub Type: Conferences

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manufacturing operations management, smart manufacturing, maturity model, readiness assessment
Created September 03, 2017, Updated December 20, 2017