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Improved sensor fault detection, isolation, and mitigation using multiple observers approach



Dhananjay Anand, Zheng Wang, Dawn Tilbury


Traditional fault detection and isolation (FDI) methods analyze a residual signal to detect and iso-late sensor faults. The residual signal is the difference between the sensor measurements and the estimated outputs of the system based on an observer. The traditional residual-based FDI methods, however, have some limitations. First, they require that the observer has reached its steady state. In addition, residual-based methods may not detect some sensor faults, such as faults on critical sensors that result in an unobservable system. Furthermore, the system may be in jeopardy if actions required for mitigating the impact of the faulty sensors are not taken before the faulty sensors are identified. The contribution of this paper is to propose three new methods to address these limitations. Faults that occur during the observers’ transient state can be detected by analysing the convergence rate of the estimation error. Open-loop observers, which do not rely on sensor information, are used to detect faults on critical sensors. By switching among different observers, we can potentially miti- gate the impact of the faulty sensor during the FDI process. These three methods are systematically integrated with a previously developed residual-based method to provide an improved FDI and miti- gation capability framework. The overall approach is validated mathematically, and the effectiveness of the overall approach is demonstrated through simulation on a five-state suspension system.
International Journal of Systems Science


Fault detection and isolation, fault mitigation, fault diagnosis, dedicated observer scheme


Anand, D. , Wang, Z. and Tilbury, D. (2017), Improved sensor fault detection, isolation, and mitigation using multiple observers approach, International Journal of Systems Science (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created June 6, 2017, Updated May 4, 2021