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Improved measurements of the hyperfine structure of 87Rb5P3/2 state



J Ye, S Swartz, P Jungner, John L. Hall


We have constructed two highly stable and reproducible Rb D2 saturated absoption spectrometers at 780 nm, using rf frequency sideband technique and third harmonic dither lockin detection method respectively. We have achieved +or-}3 kHz reproducibility on the offset between these two independent systems. With heterodyne technique, we have measured the hyperfine splittings of the 5P3/2 state and determined its magnetic dipole (A) and electric quadrupole (B) hyperfine constants with a 10-fold reduction in uncertainty.
Optics Letters
No. 16


optical frequency chain, optical frequency standard, optical heterodyne measurement, precision laser spectroscopy, Rb hyperfine constants


Ye, J. , Swartz, S. , Jungner, P. and Hall, J. (1996), Improved measurements of the hyperfine structure of <sup>87</sup>Rb5P<sub>3/2</sub> state, Optics Letters (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created July 31, 1996, Updated October 12, 2021