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Implementing a Protocol Native Managed Cryptocurrency



Peter M. Mell, Aurelien M. Delaitre, Frederic J. de Vaulx, Philippe J. Dessauw


Previous work presented a theoretical model based on the implicit Bitcoin specification for how an entity might issue a cryptocurrency that mimics features of fiat currencies. Novel to this work were mechanisms by which the issuing entity could manage the cryptocurrency but where their power was limited and transparency was enforced by the cryptocurrency being implemented using a publicly mined blockchain. In this work we demonstrate the feasibility of this theoretical model by implementing such a managed cryptocurrency architecture through forking the Bitcoin code base. We discovered that the theoretical model contains several vulnerabilities and security issues that needed to be mitigated. It also contains some architectural features that presented significant implementation challenges; some aspects of the proposed changes to the Bitcoin specification were not practical or even workable. In this work we describe how we mitigated the security vulnerabilities and overcame the architectural hurdles to build a working prototype.
Conference Dates
November 24-28, 2019
Conference Location
Valencia, GA
Conference Title
The Fourteenth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA 2019)


Fiat Currency, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin
Created November 24, 2019, Updated December 19, 2019