Implementations of the Tennessee Eastman Process in Modelica

Published: February 22, 2018


Carla Martin-Villalba, Alfonso Urquia, Guodong Shao


The Tennessee Eastman process is a typical industrial process that consists of five main process units: a two-phase reactor where an exothermic reaction occurs, a separator, a stripper, a compressor, and a mixer. This is a nonlinear open-loop unstable process that has been used in many studies as a case study for plant-wide control, statistical process monitoring, sensor fault detection, and identification of data-driven network models. There are many implementations of this process with different level of detail, but there is no implementation developed in an object-oriented modelling language such as Modelica. This paper presents the development of two different Modelica libraries, TEprocess and TESimplified, that facilitate the implementation of the Tennesse Eastman process. These two libraries have been validated using data available in the literature.
Proceedings Title: Mathmod 2018
Conference Dates: February 21-23, 2018
Conference Location: Vienna, -1
Pub Type: Conferences


Computer simulation, Dynamic modelling, Process models, Process simulators, Modelica
Created February 22, 2018, Updated February 28, 2018