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Implementation of CMOS Compatible Conductance-based Micro-Gas-Sensor System



Muhammad Afridi, John S. Suehle, Mona E. Zaghloul, Jason E. Tiffany, Richard E. Cavicchi


A CMOS compatible micro-gas sensor system was designed and fabricated in a standard CMOS process through MOSIS. This chip was post-processed to create microhotplates using bulk micro-machining techniques. Tin-oxide-sensing films were grown over post-patterned gold sensing electrodes using a low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. The thermal properties of the microhotplates include a one-millisecond thermal time constant and a 10 OC/mW thermal efficiency. The microhotplate operates at temperatures between 20 OC - 450 OC. Tin-oxide-sensing films were isothermally characterized using different gas molecules and concentrations. This paper describes the fabrication, characterization, and design of interface circuitry of a novel CMOS integrated micro-gas-sensor system.
Proceedings Title
Proc., ECCTD'01
Conference Dates
August 28-31, 2001
Conference Location
Espoo, 1, FI
Conference Title
European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design


CMOS, MEMS gas sensor, microhotplate, thin films, gas sensor


Afridi, M. , Suehle, J. , Zaghloul, M. , Tiffany, J. and Cavicchi, R. (2001), Implementation of CMOS Compatible Conductance-based Micro-Gas-Sensor System, Proc., ECCTD'01, Espoo, 1, FI (Accessed December 2, 2023)
Created August 27, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021