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Impact of Measurement Points Distribution on the Parameters of UWB Implant Channel Model



Kamran Sayrafian, Sofia Perez-Simbor, Katjana Krhac, Concepcion GarciaPardo, Dina Simunic, Narcis Cardona


Sophisticated medical implants that allow vital information delivery to/from the human body are opening the door to novel approaches in diagnosis and/or therapy of various health related issues. Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology is gaining the attention of researchers as a possible candidate for implant communication due to its high data rate and low power consumption capabilities. Characterization of a propagation channel often involves a measurement campaign (either virtual or physical) and selecting a set of candidate test points (i.e. sample measurement points) through which numerical values of the desired signal at the receiver are collected. Statistical analysis of those data will lead to a channel model representing the communication link. Focusing on UWB implant channel characterization, this paper aims to highlight the potential impact of the measurement points location distribution on the extracted parameters of the channel model. This is achieved through emulating a custom-design multi-layer liquid phantom measurement system and performing a sequence of matching simulations with different sample point distributions. The results are meant to serve as a guideline for future UWB implant measurement campaigns.
Conference Dates
October 29-31, 2018
Conference Location
Conference Title
IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications & Networking (CSCN 2018)


Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), Body Area Network (WBAN), phantom measurements, statistical channel models


Sayrafian, K. , Perez-Simbor, S. , Krhac, K. , GarciaPardo, C. , Simunic, D. and Cardona, N. (2018), Impact of Measurement Points Distribution on the Parameters of UWB Implant Channel Model, IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications & Networking (CSCN 2018), Paris, -1, [online], (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created December 20, 2018, Updated May 13, 2020