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Imaging the Phase of an Evolving Bose-Einstein Condensate Wave Function



J E. Simsarian, J Denschlag, M Edwards, Charles W. Clark, Lu Deng, Edward W. Hagley, Kristian Helmerson, S L. Rolston, William D. Phillips


We demonstrate a spatially resolved autocorrelation measurement with a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) and measure the evolution of the spatial profile of its quantum mechanical phase. After releasing the BEC from the magnetic trap, the phase develops a quadratic form which we measure. Our experiments reveal the effects of the repulsive interaction between two overhapping BEC wavepackets and we measure the small momentum they impart to each other.
Physical Review Letters


autocorrelation, Bose-Einstein condensation, bragg diffraction, laser cooling, matter-wave interferometer


Simsarian, J. , Denschlag, J. , Edwards, M. , Clark, C. , Deng, L. , Hagley, E. , Helmerson, K. , Rolston, S. and Phillips, W. (2000), Imaging the Phase of an Evolving Bose-Einstein Condensate Wave Function, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created September 1, 2000, Updated October 22, 2018