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IEEE 1451 Smart Wireless Machinery Monitoring and Control for Naval Vessels



T Brooks, S Chen, Kang B. Lee


The IEEE 1451 family of standards makes it easy to create solutions using existing networking technologies, standardized connections to smart devices, and a common software architecture. The standards allow the choice of application software, field network and transducer to be made independently of each other. Regardless of whether an application requires only one measurement point or is a huge far-flung system of points, solutions based on IEEE 1451 are easy to construct, and eliminate tedious steps prone to human error. Automation systems today are difficult to configure, integration costs are high, users are frequently restricted to offerings of a single vendor, and limited transducer intelligence requires centralized architectures that are difficult to install, modify, and maintain. IEEE 1451 provides totally self describing measurement and control devices allowing on to choose best-in-class products from preferred vendors that are true plug and play. The IEEE 1451 set of standard define a Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, electronic interfaces and wired/wireless connection of analog and digital communications - creating an ideal modular architecture. 3eTI''s Gateway, Access Point and NCAP products being developed for the U.S. Navy support this standard interface to make future naval systems instantly reconfigurable and adaptive. The full set of IEEE 1451 Standards are described and specific applications addressing U.S. Navy problems are illustrated.
Conference Dates
July 1-3, 2003
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA, US
Conference Title
International Ship Control Systems Symposium


CBM, IEEE 1451, NCAP, Network Capable Application Processor, Sensor Interface Standard, smart sensor, TEDS, Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, wireless sensor


Brooks, T. , Chen, S. and Lee, K. (2003), IEEE 1451 Smart Wireless Machinery Monitoring and Control for Naval Vessels, International Ship Control Systems Symposium, Philadelphia, PA, US (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created June 30, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021