Identification of nonclassical properties of light with multiplexing layouts

Published: July 06, 2017


Jan Sperling, Andreas Eckstein, W.R. Clements, Meritt Moore, Jelmer Renema, Steven Kolthammer, Sae Woo Nam, Adriana E. Lita, Thomas Gerrits, Ian Walmsley, G.S. Agarwal, Wolfgang Vogel


In our work, we introduce and apply a detector-independent method to uncover nonclassicality. In this contribution, we extend those techniques and give more details on the performed nalysis. We derive the general structure of the positive-operator-valued measurement operators that describe multiplexing layouts with arbitrary detectors. From the resulting quantum version of multinomial statistics, we infer nonclassicality probes based on a matrix of normally ordered moments. We discuss these criteria and apply them to our data which are measured with superconducting transition-edge sensors. Our experiment produces heralded multi-photon states from a parametric down-conversion light source. We show that the notions of sub-Poisson and sub-binomial light can be deduced from our general approach and we establish the concept of sub-multinomial light, which is shown to outperform the former two concepts of nonclassicality for our data.
Citation: Physical Review A
Volume: 96
Pub Type: Journals


nonclassical light, transition edge sensor
Created July 06, 2017, Updated November 10, 2018