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Hyperspectral Projection of a Coral Reef Scene using the NIST Hyperspectral Image Projector



David W. Allen, Joseph P. Rice, James A. Goodman


Improving the understanding of the optical scene components associated with coral reef imagery will advance the ability to map and monitor coral reefs using remote sensing. One tool that may aid in understanding the components in these scenes is the NIST Hyperspectral Image Projector (HIP), now under development. The HIP allows the projection of spectrally and spatially complex scenes that can be used for system level validation of hyperspectral imagers and algorithms. Scene projection also facilitates examination of spectral mixing and unmixing at different spatial scales. In this paper a hyperspectral scene is reformatted for projection by the HIP. The reformatting process requires determination of the representative endmembers that characterize the scene. The method used to determine these endmembers are examined. This work represents one of the first steps in developing a projected scene that can have optical components changed independently in order to better understand the overall effects on the total observed scene.
Proceedings Title
Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XV
Conference Dates
April 13-17, 2009
Conference Location
Orlando, FL
Conference Title
Sensor Calibration and Performance Analysis


Hyperspectral, Remote Sensing, Endmembers, Coral Reef
Created June 1, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017