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Hyperfine Structure Measurements of Neutral Manganese with Fourier Transform Spectroscopy



Richard J. Blackwell-Whitehead, J C. Pickering, O Pearse, Gillian Nave


We report experimental hyperfine structure constants of levels in the neutral manganese atom, measured using Fourier transform spectroscopy of hollow cathode discharges. In total 208 spectral lines of astrophysical interest have been analyzed to obtain hyperfine structure constants for106 levels in Mn I, of which 67 have no previous hyperfine structure measurements. The uncertainty in the magnetic dipole constant A is between 1 x 10-4 and 5 x 10-4 cm-1. Hyperfine structure constants for an additional 18 levels compiled from the literature are also given.
Astrophysical Journal


atomic data, fourier transfer spectroscopy, hyperfine structure, line profiles, wavelengths


Blackwell-Whitehead, R. , Pickering, J. , Pearse, O. and Nave, G. (2021), Hyperfine Structure Measurements of Neutral Manganese with Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, Astrophysical Journal (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021