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Hygrothermal Effects on Physical Aging and Structural Recovery of an Epoxy Thermoset



W H. Han, G B. McKenna


We have investigated the hygrothermal effects on thin epoxy films (c.a. 60 :m thick) using mass uptake, swelling, and uniaxial creep compliance measurements inside a dew formation-free transparent chamber capable of arbitrary relative humidity and temperature controls. We show that the physical aging behavior in humidity down-jumps is equivalent to temperature down-jumps such that the time-aging time superposition principle holds for both cases. In addition, volume change measurements after up- and down-jumps in RH are the first demonstration of an asymmetry of approach induced by moisture changes in a material. Preliminary efforts to extend the TNM-KAHR models of structural recovery to account for moisture induced aging effects are presented.
Conference Dates
May 1, 1999
Conference Location
Conference Title
SPE Annual Technical Conference


assymetry of approach, epoxy, glasses, humidity, moisture effects, physical aging, polymer, structural recovery, viscoelasticity


Han, W. and McKenna, G. (2008), Hygrothermal Effects on Physical Aging and Structural Recovery of an Epoxy Thermoset, SPE Annual Technical Conference, Undefined (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008