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Hygrothermal Aging Studies of a Commercial Structural Adhesive



M Fernandez-Garcia, Martin Y. Chiang


This paper presents work in progress on the study of hygrothermal behavior of commercial structural adhesives in the Polymers Division at NIST. The work includes the disciplines of polymer science and applied mechanics, where the former addresses the effect of hygrothermal attack on the micro level and latter is related to mechanical response (macro level). The napkin ring shear test is used for the purpose of obtaining the mechanical response (I.e., stress-strain relation and failure strength) of adhesive joints subjected to dry and wet environment. The bond thickness is a primary variable. In the micro approach, the water absorption/desorption and reabsorption in supported and free adhesive films is investigated in order to understand the mechanism by which water alters the mechanical performance of adhesives. Also, the preliminary results of absorption and reabsorption are presented here.
Adhesion Society


absorption, adhesive films, hygrothermal aging, reabsorption


Fernandez-Garcia, M. and Chiang, M. (1998), Hygrothermal Aging Studies of a Commercial Structural Adhesive, Adhesion Society, [online], (Accessed February 24, 2024)
Created February 27, 1998, Updated February 17, 2017