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Hybridization Thermodynamics of Bound DNA



Brian E. Lang


Isothermal Titration Calorimetry was used to study the thermodynamics of hybridization on DNA-functionalized colloidal gold nanoparticles. When compared to the thermodynamics of hybridization of DNA that is free in solution, the differences in the values of rG°, rH° and rS° were minimal, and typically statistically insignificant. However, ITC was also to reveal information about the binding stoichiometry of the hybridization reactions on the DNA functionalized gold nanoparticles, and the experiments indicate that there is a significant fraction of the DNA on gold nanoparticle surface that is unavailable for DNA hybridization. Furthermore, the fraction of available DNA is also dependent on the spacer group on the DNA that is used to span the gold surface from that to the probe DNA.
Journal of the American Chemical Society


Isothermal Titration Calorimetry, DNA, Thermodynamics, Gold nanoparticles


Lang, B. (2010), Hybridization Thermodynamics of Bound DNA, Journal of the American Chemical Society, [online], (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created August 8, 2010, Updated March 24, 2017