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Human Assisted Speaker Recognition in NIST 2010 Speaker Recognition Evaluation



Alvin F. Martin, Craig S. Greenberg


The 2010 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation or SRE10 (see SLTC Newsletter, July 2010) included a pilot test of human assisted speaker recognition (HASR). This test, which was open to sites whether or not they participated in the main evaluation of fully automatic systems, involved utilizing human expertise in combination with automatic algorithms on a limited set of trials chosen to be particularly challenging. In this evaluation, with specially chosen difficult trials, there was no evidence of human expertise contributing to system performance. But this was only a pilot test on limited numbers of trials, with little overall statistical significance. The possible contributions of human expertise on less challenging trials were not investigated.
Speech and Language Processing Technical Committee Newsletter


human assisted speaker recognition, HASR, speaker recognition evaluation, NIST SRE


Martin, A. and Greenberg, C. (2010), Human Assisted Speaker Recognition in NIST 2010 Speaker Recognition Evaluation, Speech and Language Processing Technical Committee Newsletter, [online],, (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created June 30, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017