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Horizontal Convective Boiling of R448A, R449A, and R452B within a Micro-Fin Tube



Mark A. Kedzierski, Donggyu Kang


This paper presents local convective boiling measurements in a micro-fin tube for three low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants: R448A, R449A, and R452B . An existing correlation was modified to predict multi-component mixtures, which predicted 98 % of the measurements to within ± 20 %. The new correlation was used to compare the heat transfer coefficient of the three test fluids at the same heat flux, saturated refrigerant temperature, and refrigerant mass flux. The resulting comparison showed that refrigerant R452B exhibited the highest heat transfer, in large part due to its approximate 28% larger liquid thermal conductivity and smaller temperature glide as compared to the tested low-GWP refrigerants. For the example case, the heat transfer coefficient for R449A was approximately 8 % larger than that for R448A, while the heat transfer coefficient for R452B was more than 59% larger than either R448A or R449A. The heat transfer coefficients for R448A and R449A were roughly between 26% and 48% less than that of R404A for the example case. In contrast, the model predicts that the R452B heat transfer coefficient was approximately 13% larger than that of R404A for the same conditions.
Science and Technology for the Built Environment
Created August 3, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018