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Homological Metrics for Microstructure Response Fields in Polycrystals



Lin-Sien H. Lum, D M. Saylor, Thomas Wanner


Quantitative homological metrics are proposed for characterizing the thermal-elastic response of calcite-based polycrystals. The characterization is based on topological measurements, such as the number of components and the number of handles of a complex microstructure and its thermal-elastic response fields. These homological metrics are then applied to characterize both the grain-boundary misorientations in the polycrystal and the resulting elastic energy density and principal stress fields. It is demonstrated that the topological analysis can quantitatively distinguish between different types of grain-boundary misorientations, as well as between the resulting differences in the response fields.
Acta Materialia


finite element simulations, grain orientation, grain-boundary misorientation, homology metrics, microstructures


Lum, L. , Saylor, D. and Wanner, T. (2021), Homological Metrics for Microstructure Response Fields in Polycrystals, Acta Materialia (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021