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Holographic Radius Test Plates



Quandou (. Wang, Johannes A. Soons, Ulf Griesmann


We evaluate a method for testing the radius of spheres with a hologram that consists of a pair of nested Fresnel zone lenses. The hologram is positioned in the collimated test beam of a Fizeau interferometer. The inner zone lens generates a focus at the test part surface, whereas the wavefront of the first diffraction order of the outer zone lens is confocal with the test part. When the test part radius is equal to the nominal radius, the fringes in both zone lens areas are nulled at the same distance of the test sphere from the zone lens. The radius error of the spherical surface can be calculated from the test sphere displacement between interferometer null positions for the inner and outer zone lenses, or the defocus term of the outer (confocal) lens at the position of zero defocus of the inner (cat's-eye) zone lens. The primary benefits of the nested zone lens method are its ease of use, and that it enables radius measurements of spherical surfaces with large radii. We describe the radius measurement of a precise convex sphere with a nominal radius of 80mm.
Proceedings Title
Optical Fabrication and Testing X
Conference Dates
August 25-30, 2013
Conference Location
San Diego, CA, US
Conference Title
SPIE Optics & Photonics 2013


Optical interferometry, Radius test plates, Computer-generated hologram


Wang, Q. , Soons, J. and Griesmann, U. (2013), Holographic Radius Test Plates, Optical Fabrication and Testing X, San Diego, CA, US, [online], (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created September 6, 2013, Updated October 12, 2021