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HLPR Chair* – A Service Robot for the Healthcare Industry



Roger V. Bostelman, James S. Albus


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Intelligent Systems Division (ISD) has been working on a healthcare mobility system capable of mobilizing wheelchair dependents, providing patient lift and even rehabilitation. Targeted at the aging populations, stroke victims and wheelchair dependents, ISD is developing the RoboChair to provide independent (requiring little or no nurse or caregiver intervention depending on the patients status) patient mobility and lift for such tasks as moving a patient to the wheelchair, toilet, or other seats and the bed. While nearly half of nurses are expected to develop back injuries moving and lifting patients, all aspects of the RoboChair provide for independent patient mobility with emphasis on lifting and placing patients to eliminate or significantly reduce this back injury issue. The RoboChair, currently in the development stage, is designed to provide: powered mobility; patient lift to above current or previously researched and available off-the-shelf mobile patient lift devices; and the means to place people on beds, chairs, toilets, etc. while allowing access to areas of the home and business environments that are currently inaccessible to wheelchair dependents. Also, the RoboChair provides rehabilitation capability with a retractable seat and footrest and open base frame with future leg loading measurement to allow the patient to adjust the amount of load placed on legs as they again learn to walk. This paper will discuss the RoboChair in depth.
Proceedings Title
International Workshop on Advances in Service Robotics | 3rd | | ASER
Conference Dates
July 7, 2006
Conference Location
Vienna, AU
Conference Title
International Workshop on Advances in Service Robotics


patient lift, patient mobility, rehabilitation, stroke victims, wheelchair, wheelchair dependents


Bostelman, R. and Albus, J. (2006), HLPR Chair* – A Service Robot for the Healthcare Industry, International Workshop on Advances in Service Robotics | 3rd | | ASER, Vienna, AU, [online], (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017