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High Throughput Methods for Rapidly Developing Additive Filled Polymers



Rick D. Davis, Jeffrey W. Gilman, Marc R. Nyden, John R. Shields, Richard H. Harris Jr., W Demory


The high throughput mindset has been our approach to rapidly synthesize, characterize, and analyze additive filled polymers. For example, rather than taking a week to extrude polystyrene strands with 0% to 10% integer amounts of organically modified clay (om-clay), measuring the om-clay content, and measuring the modulus of the polymer nanocomposites, we obtained the same results in less than 2 days! This manuscript and presentation will be an overview of our current high throughput synthesis, characterization, and analysis methods, which include gradient extrusion and in-line extruder sensors.


dielectric, extrusion, flammability, gradient, high throughput, polymer


Davis, R. , Gilman, J. , Nyden, M. , Shields, J. , Harris Jr., R. and Demory, W. (2017), High Throughput Methods for Rapidly Developing Additive Filled Polymers, Additives (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017