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High throughput measurements of thermochromic behavior in V_{1-x}Nb_xO_2 combinatorial thin film libraries



Sara C. Barron, Justin M. Gorham, Martin L. Green, Mitul P. Patel


We describe the high-throughput characterization of near infrared thermochromism in V1-xNbxO2 combinatorial thin film libraries. The oxide thin film libraries are prepared with a VO2 crystal structure and a continuous gradient in composition from impurity concentrations of less than 1% to 45%. The thermochromic phase transition from monoclinic to tetragonal is characterized by the accompanying change in near infrared reflectance. With increasing Nb substitution, the transition temperature is depressed from 65°C to 27°C, as desirable for smart window applications. However, the magnitude of the reflectance change across the thermochromic transition is also reduced with increasing Nb film content. Data collection, handling, and analysis supporting thermochromic characterization are fully automated to achieve high throughput. Using this system, in 14 hours, temperature-dependent infrared reflectance can be measured at 165 arbitrary locations on a thin film combinatorial library; these measurements are analyzed for thermochromic transitions in minutes.
Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry


thermochromics, metal-insulator transition, infrared reflectivity, thin film, combinatorial materials science
Created September 2, 2014, Updated November 10, 2018