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High Throughput Measurement of the Elastic Modulus of Polymer Thin Films



Christopher M. Stafford, A Chiche, D Julthongpiput, Michael J. Fasolka


Combinatorial and High Throughput (C&HT) methods combine clever experiment design, instrument automation, and computing tools to form a new paradigm for scientific research. Given this premise, the C&HT concept is being adapted to study problems in materials science. However, the C&HT methods developed for the pharmaceutical industry often cannot be applied directly to materials research since methods for generating materials libraries and for rapidly measuring properties, especially mechanical properties, are often lacking.For example, there exist few techniques to measure the mechanical properties of polymer thin films (e.g., nanoindentation, atomic force microscopy, surface acoustical wave spectroscopy, Brillouin light scattering), each having their own limitations and none of which are positioned to be applied as high-throughput measurements. To this end, we have developed a HT platform for measuring the mechanical properties of polymer thin films based on a wrinkling instability in bilayers and laminates. Indeed, this technique is very simple and practically any laboratory, academic or industrial, can perform such measurements with only modest investment in equipment.This poster will illustrate the quantitative nature of this novel measurement technique by demonstrating its applicability to a range of model polymer systems. Furthermore, we apply this technique to a number of scientific challenges in material science, including nanoporous low-k films and ultrathin (thickness
Proceedings Title
Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentations, 2004
Conference Dates
February 19-20, 2004


elastic, films, high, measurement, modulus, throughput


Stafford, C. , Chiche, A. , Julthongpiput, D. and Fasolka, M. (2004), High Throughput Measurement of the Elastic Modulus of Polymer Thin Films, Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentations, 2004 (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created February 1, 2004, Updated February 19, 2017