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High temperature thermoelectric properties of p-type skutterudites BaxYbyCo4-zFezSb12



Yongkwan Dong, Pooja Puneet, Terry M. Tritt, Joshua B. Martin, George S. Nolas


Several polycrystalline p-type skutterudites with compositions BaxYbyCo4-zFezSb12, with varied filler concentrations x and y, and z = 1 to 2, have been synthesized by first reacting the constituents and subsequent solid state annealing, followed by densification by hot-pressing, and their thermoelectric properties evaluated from 300 to 850 K. The Yb filling fraction increased with Fe content while the amount of Fe substitution had little influence on the Ba filling fraction. High purity specimens were obtained when the Fe content was low. Bipolar conduction contributed to the thermal conductivity at elevated temperatures. A maximum ZT value of 0.7 was obtained at 750 K for the specimens with the highest Fe content and filling fraction. Their potential for thermoelectric applications is also discussed.
Journal of Applied Physics


intermetallics, thermoelectic materials, solid state reactions, skutterudites


Dong, Y. , Puneet, P. , Tritt, T. , Martin, J. and Nolas, G. (2012), High temperature thermoelectric properties of p-type skutterudites BaxYbyCo4-zFezSb12, Journal of Applied Physics, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created October 23, 2012, Updated October 12, 2022