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High Resolution X-ray Spectrometry of Solids using the Microcalorimeter X-ray Detector



Terrence J. Jach


We analyze here the spectrum of the AI Kα and Mg Kα x-ray lines obtained by electron excitation of a multielement glass. The spectrum was obtained in an electron beam probe using a microcalorimeter x-ray detector. With 7 eV resolution, we are able to observe and compare the intensity ratios of the Kα₃,₄ satellites to the Kα₁,₂ main lines. These satellites are sensitive to the chemistry of the solid. We compare our observed values to the intensity ratios obtained by Klauber and by Krause & Ferreira. The agreement of the relative satellite intensities in our measurement is more consistent with ratios for metals than for oxides. The ability to observe satellites of lines in multielement samples using the microcalorimeter detector opens up new possibilities for the interpretation of atomic core-valence processes in solids.
Surface and Interface Analysis


microcalorimeter, x-ray detector, x-ray satellite, spectrum, AI, Mg
Created September 20, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017