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High resolution spectroscopy with a femtosecond laser frequency comb



Vladislav Gerginov, C E. Tanner, Scott Diddams, A Bartels, Leo W. Hollberg


The output of a mode-locked femtosecond-laser is used for high resolution single-photon spectroscopy of ^133}Cs in an atomic beam. The laser is referenced directly to a stable RF signal from the NIST time-scale. By changing the laser's repetition rate, the cesium D_1 (6s \; ^2S 1⁄2 \rightarrow 6p \; ^2P 1⁄2) and D 2 (6s \; ^2S 1⁄2 \rightarrow 6p \; ^2P 3/2}) transitions are detected with high resolution. The optical frequencies of the D 1 and D 2 transition components are measured with accuracy similar to that obtained with a CW laser. Control of the femtosecond laser repetition rate using the atomic fluorescence is also implemented, thus realizing a simple cesium optical clock.
Optics Letters


atomic clock, atomics spectroscopy, femtosecond laser, optical frequency measurement


Gerginov, V. , Tanner, C. , Diddams, S. , Bartels, A. and Hollberg, L. (2005), High resolution spectroscopy with a femtosecond laser frequency comb, Optics Letters, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created June 30, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021