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High resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy with a microwave-multiplexed TES array



Omid Noroozian, John A. Mates, Douglas A. Bennett, Justus A. Brevik, Joseph W. Fowler, Jiansong Gao, Robert D. Horansky, Kent D. Irwin, Daniel R. Schmidt, Joel N. Ullom, Zhao Kang


We demonstrate the first gamma-ray spectroscopy with a microwave-multiplexed two-pixel TES(transition-edge sensor) array. We measured a $^{153}$Gd photon source and achieved an energy resolution of 63 eV full-width-at-half-maximum (FWHM) at 97 keV and an equivalent readout system noise of 86 pA/$\sqrt{\text{Hz}}$ at the TES. The readout circuit consists of superconducting microwave resonators coupled to rf SQUIDs and transduces changes in input current to changes in phase of a microwave signal. We use flux-ramp signal modulation to linearize the output in each channel. This demonstration establishes one path for the readout of cryogenic sensor arrays with more than 10$^{3}$ elements and spectral resolving powers $\lambda/\Δ\lambda > 10^{3}$.
Applied Physics Letters


Microwave, multiplexing, SQUID, gamma ray, transition-edge sensor


Noroozian, O. , Mates, J. , Bennett, D. , Brevik, J. , Fowler, J. , Gao, J. , Horansky, R. , Irwin, K. , Schmidt, D. , Ullom, J. and Kang, Z. (2013), High resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy with a microwave-multiplexed TES array, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created November 11, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017