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High Q resonating cantilevers for in situ measurements of ferromagnetic films



John M. Moreland, T. J. Hubbard


We describe micro cantilevers developed for in-situ measurements of ultra-thin ferromagnetic films. The cantilevers are optimized for use in a resonating torque micro-balance magnetometer that measures the magnetic moment of thin films as they are being deposited onto the cantilever. Dynamic feedback is used to balance the magnetic torque by applying a mechanical force at the base of the cantilever that is equal and opposite to the magnetic torque. The dynamic feedback minimizes mass loading and temperature dependent elastic modulus effects that change the resonant frequency of the cantilever during deposition.
Conference Location
Berkeley, CA, USA
Conference Title
Proc. 2001 Microelectromechanical Systems Conference


cantilever, ferromagnetic films, magnetic moment of thin films, magnetometer, resonating torque micro-balance


Moreland, J. and Hubbard, T. (2001), High Q resonating cantilevers for in situ measurements of ferromagnetic films, Proc. 2001 Microelectromechanical Systems Conference, Berkeley, CA, USA (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created August 23, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021