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High Performance Transition-Edge-Sensor Based Detectors



Gene C. Hilton, Steven Deiker, Kent D. Irwin, Sae Woo Nam, John M. Martinis, David A. Wollman


High performance detectors utilizing transition-edge sensors (TES) have been demonstrated for photon energies ranging from the infrared to the x-ray. In the soft x-ray band we have demonstrated the highest energy resolution yet achieved for any energy-dispersive detector (4.5 eV at 5.9 keV and 2 eV at 1.5 keV). In addition to the industrial applications of TES based x-ray spectrometers, TES based detectors are quickly becoming the detector of choice for astronomy in both the sub-nm and soft x-ray bands, with several new instruments currently in the planning stage. These new instruments are made possible by one of the key advantages of TES detectors, compatibility with multiplexing. The combination of these two superconducting technologies will enable the construction of large scale detector arrays useful for many applications.
Proceedings Title
2001 Intl Semicond. Electron. Conf. (ISEC '01) Ext. Abstracts
Conference Dates
June 19-22, 2001
Conference Location
Osaka, 1, JA


high performance detectors, transition-edge sensors


Hilton, G. , Deiker, S. , Irwin, K. , Nam, S. , Martinis, J. and Wollman, D. (2001), High Performance Transition-Edge-Sensor Based Detectors, 2001 Intl Semicond. Electron. Conf. (ISEC '01) Ext. Abstracts, Osaka, 1, JA (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created May 31, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021