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A High-Field, Low-Current Superconducting Ioffe Magnetic Trap



S N. Dzhosyuk, C R. Brome, J S. Butterworth, P R. Huffman, C E. Mattoni, D N. McKinsey, R A. Michniak, L Yang, John M. Doyle


A superconducting Ioffe magnetic trap is designed, built and characterized. The trap consists of four racetrack-shaped quadrupole coils and two solenoid assemblies. Coils are wet wound with multifilament copper-clad NgTi superconducting wire embedded in an epoxy/fiberglass matrix and are mechanically held with compression collars onto a titanium form. Prestressing of the quadrupole coils at low temperature is provided by constructing the collars from aluminum, a material that has a large coefficient of thermal expansion. The magnet bore diameter is 105 mm, the trap depth is 1.1 T at 4.2 K. Design, construction and performance of the trap and its quench protection circuit are reported.
Applied Superconductivity


magnetic traps, quadrupole magnets, quench protection, superconducting magnets


Dzhosyuk, S. , Brome, C. , Butterworth, J. , Huffman, P. , Mattoni, C. , McKinsey, D. , Michniak, R. , Yang, L. and Doyle, J. (2021), A High-Field, Low-Current Superconducting Ioffe Magnetic Trap, Applied Superconductivity (Accessed December 11, 2023)
Created October 12, 2021