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High-Fidelity, Weak-Light Polarization Gate Using Room-Temperature Atomic Vapor



Lu Deng, Edward W. Hagley, Runbing Li, Chengjie Zhu


Using a polarization-selective-Kerr-phase-shift technique we demonstrate a fast, all-optical, high-fidelity polarization gate in a room-temperature atomic medium. By writing a pi-phase shift to one selected circularly-polarized component of a linearly-polarized input signal field and by equalizing the gain of both circularly-polarized components we can maintain the original strength of the signal field and yet achieve a perfect 90 degree rotation of its linear polarization, demonstrating a fast, high-fidelity, dynamically-controlled polarization gate operation. The orthogonal linear polarization switching field intensity can be as low as 2 mW/cm^2 using a warm rubidium vapor, which is equivalent to a 100-nanosecond pulse containing about 200 photons and confined in a typical commercial photonic hollow-core fiber with a 5-μm mode diameter.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series


Deng, L. , Hagley, E. , Li, R. and Zhu, C. (2015), High-Fidelity, Weak-Light Polarization Gate Using Room-Temperature Atomic Vapor, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, [online], (Accessed May 30, 2024)


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Created March 18, 2015, Updated November 10, 2018