Heat Transfer in a Falling Laminar Liquid Film with in-depth Radiation Absorption

Published: April 11, 2018


Jiann C. Yang, Walter W. Yuen


A heat transfer problem involving a steady-state falling liquid film along a vertical wall with an imposed constant heat flux on the liquid film surface and an in-depth thermal radiation absorption in the film layer is analyzed. The liquid film is assumed to be normal to the incident radiative heat flux, and the heat flux is assumed to be parallel and unidirectional. Non-dimensionalized governing equations are formulated and solved numerically. Sample calculations are provided. The effects of pertinent dimensionless parameters on the heat transfer process are demonstrated. The calculated results reveal that the in-depth thermal radiation absorption would play a key role in the heat transfer in the liquid film.
Citation: International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer
Volume: 94
Issue: May
Pub Type: Journals


falling liquid film, heat transfer, thermal radiation
Created April 11, 2018, Updated April 16, 2018