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Heat Flux From Flames to Vertical Surfaces



J. G. Quintiere, Thomas Cleary


Dimensional analysis is used to examine heat transfer from flames to vertical surfaces. Configurations include a line fire against a wall, a square burner flame against a wall and in a corner, and window flames impinging on a wall. Dimensionless parameters that affect flame heat flux include [equation] where x is vertical distance, y is horizontal distance, l is flame length, D is burner dimension, and k is the flame absorption coefficient. Only the effect of these variables is shown. No general correlation is developed, and more data are needed before these results can be applied with confidence.
Fire Technology
No. 2


heat flux, data analysis, heat transfer


Quintiere, J. and Cleary, T. (1994), Heat Flux From Flames to Vertical Surfaces, Fire Technology, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created December 31, 1993, Updated October 12, 2021