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Hard X-Ray Spectrometers for the National Ignition Facility



J Seely, C Back, R Deslattes, Lawrence T. Hudson, G Holland, P Bell, M Miller


A National Ignition Facility (NIF) core diagnostic instrument has been designed and will be fabricated to record x-ray spectra in the 1.1-20.1 keV energy range. The High-Energy Electronic X-Ray (HENEX) instrument has four reflection crystals with overlapping coverage of 1.1 to 10.9 keV and one transmission crystal covering 8.6-20.1 keV. The spectral resolving power varies from approximately 2000 at low energies to 300 at 20 keV. The spectrum produced by each crystal is recorded by a modified commercial dental x-ray charge coupled device detector with a dynamic range of at least 2500.
Review of Scientific Instruments
No. 6


Bragg crystals, photon energy, x-ray spectra


Seely, J. , Back, C. , Deslattes, R. , Hudson, L. , Holland, G. , Bell, P. and Miller, M. (2001), Hard X-Ray Spectrometers for the National Ignition Facility, Review of Scientific Instruments (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created May 31, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021