Guide Brief 14 - Forming a Collaborative Planning Team and Engaging the Community

Published: June 28, 2019


Community Resilience Program NIST


The purpose of this Guide Brief is to provide information that communities may use to accomplish the first step of the Guide: forming a collaborative planning team and engaging the community. Identifying and engaging appropriate planning team partners and beginning community outreach and engagement early in the process will inform needs and priorities for community resilience. The planning process is more effective when communities identify leaders with vested authority and include key stakeholders who will help develop the community resilience plan and shepherd it though local approval/adoption. This Guide Brief includes best practices, elements of FEMA’s Local Mitigation Planning Handbook [FEMA 2013], as well as lessons learned from FEMA’s Building Resilience with Diverse Communities Program [FEMA 2014]. It also offers resources to assist community leaders in forming their collaborative planning teams and engaging the community at large.
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Created June 28, 2019, Updated July 01, 2019