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The Growth of Iron on Iron Whiskers



Joseph A. Stroscio, Daniel T. Pierce


Real space views of the homoepitaxial growth of Fe on Fe(001) whiskers is reported, observed by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), during the initial stages of growth. Scaling of the Fe island sizes and separation distributions are observed as a function of the diffusion rate to the deposition rate. A measure of the surface diffusion of the Fe atoms is obtained over the temperature range of 20-250° C from the temperature dependence of the island density. The effect of the diffusion kinetics is also observed in the surface morphology as a decrease in surface roughness with increasing temperature in thin Fe films. A comparison of real and reciprocal space techniques is obtained from a comparison of STM images and reflection-high-energy-electron-diffraction measurements during growth.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B


Stroscio, J. and Pierce, D. (1994), The Growth of Iron on Iron Whiskers, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created January 1, 1994, Updated February 19, 2017