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Green Body Density Measurement Techniques



P Pei, J Anderson, M C. Bhardwaj, Dennis B. Minor, T Thornton


Green body density measurement techniques were investigated and compared. The measurement techniques investigated include mass-volume measurement, mercury pycnometry, powderdisplacement pycnometry, and noncontact ultrasonic method. Samples studied include green bodies prepared by uniaxial pressing and also from a commercial source.For well defined samples such as cylinders, discs and tiles, mass-volume method, mercury porosimeter and powder displacement pycnometry gave comparable bulk densities. For density gradient measurements, non-contact ultrasound method has the potential to be an on-line as well as a non-destructive quality control method.
Ceramic Industry


green body density, mercury pycnometry, non-contact ultrasound


Pei, P. , Anderson, J. , Bhardwaj, M. , Minor, D. and Thornton, T. (2017), Green Body Density Measurement Techniques, Ceramic Industry (Accessed November 30, 2023)
Created February 19, 2017